Lebron XI King's Pride Sneaker Review (Guest Writer)

What up everyone, I'm pretty excited to show you guys the most outrageous shoe that I just got myself a few days ago.  If you know me, then you know I am a huge shoe head.  I have so many different shoes, I just can't seem to help myself when I see a good looking shoe.  Whenever Lebron James comes out with a new shoe, there is ALWAYS a countdown to his release date.  I got to admit, I was up at 4am waiting for these shoes to be released at 7am because I was just so anxious.  So, let's just get right into the shoes.

These are the new Lebron XI's.  They come in a parachute gold.  As you move the shoe around, the color changes a bit which really makes these shoes unique out of all the shoes he's designed so far.  I'll show you his older shoes he has already released later in this review, so you can see the difference with them all.

The 3D dimension on this shoe is ridiculous to me.  He definitely thought outside of the box for these.  He has dynamic fly wire throughout the whole shoe.  You can see the red wiring through the triangles.

 With the front view of the XI's, you can see his signature logo on the tongue that he began putting on his shoes since the Lebron IX's and a little of the parachute gold near the tip.

The back contains more 3D triangles.

The inside has a colorful, jungle fever type of theme.  If you tilt your head to the right and look at his name, you'll see "Lebron".  If you tilt your head to the left, you'll see "James".  That was definitely another cool detail he added to the XI's.

This was Lebron's most light weight shoe so far.  These are definitely my favorite out of all of the shoes he's released.  Just to give you a visual of his past shoes, I'm going to show those to you right now.

From left to right, I have the Nike Air Zoom Lebron IV's, Nike Air Zoom Lebron V's Birthday Editions, Nike Air Zoom Lebron VI's which was the last of the Zoom shoes.  I don't have the VII's, but that was the first shoe that was switched to Nike Air Max.  When it came to the IV's, they were the heaviest shoe out of his collection in my opinion.  The V's are the best basketball shoes as far as playing on the court besides the XI's.  The VI's are not that durable to play basketball in, but it is a good looking shoe off the court.

From left to right, I got the Nike Lebron VIII's, Nike Lebron IX's and the Nike Lebron X's.  The VIII's are the P.E. Playoff Additions of the VIII's.  The IX's are the Christmas additions that Lebron wore on Christmas day.  They also come with another pair of laces that are green.  The X's are a NIKEiD version of his shoe since I custom made them myself, so the colors I chose are not one of his regular colors of the year that they were released.  No other player has had 11 signature shoes besides Lebron James and Michael Jordan.  This shoe line of his will definitely continue, but I still don't know how he will top the XI's since they were by far, the best looking shoe.

Thanks everyone for checking out my review and thank you Miss Sultana for allowing me to be a guest writer on your blog.




Kriszti said...

Very pretty shoes!

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Jenny said...

Just love the look of these they are killer <3