Marj's Naturals Beauty Review

Hello, hello everyone! :) I hope your weekend is going well.  I recently got my hands on some more Marj's Naturals products!  I was super excited when I received them because I have been using certain products of theirs for the past few months now.

I received the lovely products in these adorable packages.  Pretty packaging for any type of product is always a plus. ;)


 The Marj's Naturals' soaps smelled amazing.  They carry a lovely musky, yet soft scent.  However, once you get them in a steaming shower, the aroma definitely becomes stronger and that was why I fell in love with them.


Marjorie is a makeup artist for Global Goddess Beauty, so I also received a face and body shimmer.  I have a previous review I posted a few months ago that contains a different GGB body shimmer that I actually still use til this day.  Their face and body shimmers are definitely beautiful and I have yet to be disappointed with any of the GGB's products.  This shimmer was amazing just like the previous shimmer I have been regularly using.

I have been using this shimmer as a highlight for my cheek bones and collar bone. I love the way it compliments my tan skin.  The shimmer remained on my skin all day.

 If you have any questions, you can contact Marjorie Poole herself.  There are many more great products that you can check out on her websites.  From homemade soaps to exotic oils for your hair, the products will not disappoint you.  Thank you once again Marj's Naturals for allowing me to review your amazing products!  Your products are always so much fun to try out! :)

Miss Sultana<3


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the colours are genius <3

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such an amazing blog, well done!

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That sounds like a great brand. I love the packaging and especially the design on the shimmer!

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