Marj's Naturals Beauty Review

Hello, hello everyone! :) I hope your weekend is going well.  I recently got my hands on some more Marj's Naturals products!  I was super excited when I received them because I have been using certain products of theirs for the past few months now.

I received the lovely products in these adorable packages.  Pretty packaging for any type of product is always a plus. ;)


 The Marj's Naturals' soaps smelled amazing.  They carry a lovely musky, yet soft scent.  However, once you get them in a steaming shower, the aroma definitely becomes stronger and that was why I fell in love with them.


Marjorie is a makeup artist for Global Goddess Beauty, so I also received a face and body shimmer.  I have a previous review I posted a few months ago that contains a different GGB body shimmer that I actually still use til this day.  Their face and body shimmers are definitely beautiful and I have yet to be disappointed with any of the GGB's products.  This shimmer was amazing just like the previous shimmer I have been regularly using.

I have been using this shimmer as a highlight for my cheek bones and collar bone. I love the way it compliments my tan skin.  The shimmer remained on my skin all day.

 If you have any questions, you can contact Marjorie Poole herself.  There are many more great products that you can check out on her websites.  From homemade soaps to exotic oils for your hair, the products will not disappoint you.  Thank you once again Marj's Naturals for allowing me to review your amazing products!  Your products are always so much fun to try out! :)

Miss Sultana<3


School of Wash Shampoo Bar

Hey readers!  I was lucky enough to try handmade shampoo bar for the very first time last week.  The thought of bar shampoo seemed so weird to me, but the results definitely had me impressed.  I used two different scents.  One was Couture while the other was Sandalwood.  They both smelled amazing.  

They both came in small tin cans wrapped in plastic.  

I first tried the Couture and I was shocked as to how well it lathered.  The scent actually remained in my hair after it dried. The next day, I applied almond oil in my hair for moisture. That night, I tried the Sandalwood.  I applied it once and the oil was completely out of my hair.  I loved how well it cleaned my scalp.  It also helped with my dandruff.  These shampoo bars are handmade, so that was a plus for me.  I love knowing what I am applying to my hair or body.  Since they do clean out your hair so well, I would suggest adding a moisturizer to your ends to prevent any possible dryness or breakage overtime.  
Overall, I love the shampoos, they smell amazing, work great and I would recommend them to anyone.  I gave one of the shampoo bars to my sister since she liked it.  If you are interested in these shampoo bars, you can order them HERE.  They also carry many other amazing handmade products.  Thanks for reading! :)

Miss Sultana<3


Off The Shoulder

Hello my fellow readers!  I just wanted to show you all an outfit I wore a few days ago.  Since Fall is getting closer, it was my goal to try and wear as many summer outfits as possible.  Since I never really dress up, that goal was never really accomplished, but hey, there's always next Summer!

I love the detail in the blouse.  The holes helped keep me cool with this humid weather down in the South.

I paired the blouse with a tight, glittery skirt that I bought from JCPenney last Fall.  It was on clearance for $5, so I had to grab it.

 I topped the outfit off with an exaggerated top knot and a fake nose ring.  I took a small piece of metal, shaped it with some pliers and painted the metal with silver nail polish.  Viola!  You got yourself a fake nose ring that didn't cost you a dime. :)

I had to add these into the outfit.  I love the jewel detail on the sandals.

I'm not going to lie, I'm going to be pretty sad when the temperature starts cooling down.  If there's anything I hate more than the scent of a wet dog, it's cold weather.  I rather sweat all day than be cold.  What's your fave season? 

Miss Sultana<3


Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine Review

Hello there! :)  I've been busy, but I finally managed to make some time for my lovely readers.  I absolutely love any product that will make my hair look healthy and remain beautiful.  Whether it's oils, certain shampoos or even crazy home remedies.  I recently received a hair oil.  Turns out, I won a contest that was held by Redken awhile back.  I was pretty shocked that I actually won because I NEVER win anything.

  The first thing I noticed was the weight of the box.  I was a bit shocked as to how heavy it was.  The second thing I noticed was the scent.  It smells PHENOMENAL.  I had no idea oils that were meant to go in your hair could smell so GOOD!  It smells like a musky, expensive perfume that you would smell on an old, rich lady.  

The top for the bottle is actually a glass dropper.  You press down the button on the top and it drops out the oil or you can just smear the stick all over your hair for less of a mess.  

The concept of the bottle is beautiful.  I am very happy with it.  I have used it for a few days now after I've gotten out of the shower and it has left my hair looking and feeling a bit more hydrated than usual.  I caught myself flipping my hair in public because it smells so amazing!  I mean, for a product that is priced around $50, it BETTER be amazing.  The great thing about it is that I barely need a few drops for it to cover my ends.  Since I have so much hair, every oil I have used was always on the verge of running out after a few days.  I will definitely continue to use this oil.

What do you use to keep your hair hydrated? :)

Miss Sultana<3



Hey hey! :)  I HAD to show you all my new pair of ShoeKandi heels!

Aren't they totally fab?  I had to go with the nude, so that I had a reason to wear them with anything. :) These definitely have to be the tallest pair of heels I own, but surprisingly, I was able to walk in them without looking stupid. (yay!) They are also quite comfortable as well.  When I first picked them out, I told myself how I was only going to be able to admire them on my shelf, but I am so happy to say that I will be wearing these heels on the regular.

 Go to ShoeKandi.com to check out all of their hot heels, wedges and boots.  I highly doubt you will be disappointed. ;)

Like my blazer? It was actually from H&M for 10 bucks! :)

Be sure to check out "The Many Shapes of Confidence" fashion show!

Kisses to Kandace for the lovely heels! You rock girl!

Miss Sultana<3